Affiliate Programs

Whether you are a web guru harnessing tons of traffic or just a regular guy that plays a little poker, you can make money by joining these poker affiliate programs. Webmasters can profit by introducing their traffic to poker rooms, and poker players can make a little money on the side having friends sign up through their affiliate links. Everybody wins. All of these affiliate programs are free to join, there's no reason not to try it.

Party Poker is the best known poker room out there, and thus an easy one to promote to new players. Up to 75,000 players. Damn. They offer up to 25% of the gross rake or up to a $75 CPA. As a bonus they offer you 20% of any sub-affiliate you sign up.




Absolute Poker - Absolute Poker is growing like crazy and practically sell themselves to your customers by having about 40 freerolls a day In addition to this, the software at Absolute Poker is among the best with very detailed statistics updated daily.

In terms of the financial offerings: Absolute offers the choice of a CPA program of $75-$125 per real money sign-up or 25% of the gross revenue. Ultimate Bet and Fast Poker both offer 25%-35% of the revenues.


Casino Partners - Casino Partners offers four casinos and Noble Poker. Noble Poker is an easier one to promote because the software will be new to most poker players, and they have several freerolls a day plus new depositor freerolls with bigger prize pools.

The Noble Poker affiliate program also offers the option of CPA up to $250 per new depositor or a commission plan for up to 40% of the revenue. The casino programs are similar offereing CPA and commission plans as well as hybrid plans that combine the CPA and commision plans for 25% of the revenue plus $40 per new depositor

The software at Casino Partners also has loads of highly detailed statistics that are constantly updated 24 hours a day. It's awesome.


Empire Poker affiliate program - Tradal offers the Empire Poker affiliate program along with a few casino programs. Empire is interesting as it is basically a different company that uses the same software and traffic as Party Poker. (So people playing on Empire are playing against people on Party and vice versa.) This makes Empire Poker a place that one can play against some of the softest competetion on the net with by far the most action at every kind of table you can think of. Why would a customer chose Empire over Party Poker? Considering all other things to be exactly the same about the two, Empire Poker has two $500 freerolls every day.

Financially Empire Poker offers a CPA program of $65-$75 or a commission plan of 20-25%. You can have two codes at the same time, one bringing people in on the CPA side and one bringing in commission players.

The tradal tracking software is pretty much standard and updated daily.


Poker Host affiliate program - Poker Host is a brand new poker room that has been holding Grand Opening freerolls for $10,000. How hard can it be to promote a poker room that nobody is signed up at that is giving away money on a daily basis including gigantic $10,000 freerolls periodically? Not so tough. The software here is the same as America's Card Room and Emerald Poker and others, but I'm not sure if they are tied to one another as Poker Host offers a different set of freerolls.

In any case, Poker Host offers a commission plan of 35% of the rake, which is better than most. Their tracking software isn't the best, but offers the basic information and is updated daily.