Free Stuff

Everyone that uses the internet has seen at least one of the 7 trillion ads for a free ipod or free Xbox. Most people assume that this is just some sort of scam. As it turns out, one company, Gratis, is legitimately offering free ipods, PCs, gaming systems, and flat screens. Holy shit! Let's indulge, shall we?

Here's how it works: go to the Free Ipod, Free Flat Screens, or Free Gaming Systems site and sign up for an account. Make sure you're using Internet Explorer; Firefox doesn't seem to work. I also recommend using an email account you rarely use or setting up a yahoo account or something, cause it seems you do get a lot of spam in the email you use to sign up for this offer. I'm also told that MSN and Hotmail accounts don't work as you can't recieve the confirmation email. They'll ask you to "complete our short optional survey" that looks like a bunch of ads with "yes" and "no" options next to them. You can say no to all of these. You do have to complete an "offer" through one of the companies they are advertising for in the next step. Many of these offers are free trials and can be cancelled shortly after you sign up. (My friends and I all had no problem cancelling our free trials, if you're worried about that. No one that I know has spent a cent on this deal.) The offers rotate on a regular basis, so if you don't see anything you like, you can always wait. I like the ones that are instantly creditted to your account cause it makes the whole process a lot faster, you can just cancel it and be done with that part. (When you click on the banners leading to the offers a little box pops up telling you how long it will take to be creditted.) You then have to get a few of your friends (4 for the gaming system, 5 for the ipod, 8 for the flat screen, and 10 for the PC) to sign up with your referral number and then you get your free stuff. It's awesome. You can participate in all four programs, but only once in each program. (You can't get 5 Ipods, for example. Just one of each.) Click the banners below to get started

Two absolutely crucial things: Do Not under any circumstances sign up for more than one account for a single program from the same computer. Do Not under any circumstances sign up for more than one account for a single program for the same home address. In both cases your account will be put on hold and you will probably not get any free stuff. Even if you were able to make your case that you weren't trying to defraud the company, you are at the very least greatly slowing the whole process by doing this. Just don't do it.

Click here for a Wired Magazine article about how the Free Ipod deal is legit and click here for a more recent article in the University of Illinois student newspaper about how the students have been getting free ipods.



I also found another company that is giving away even more free stuff. The deal is pretty much exactly the same as the Gratis deals. The first one I'm putting up here is Tech4Free. You can get a 20 gig Ipod (5 referrals), $300 (6 referrals), Canon SD10 Digital Camera (7 referrals), Philips Home Theatre (8 referrals), and a Canon MiniDV (9 referrals).